.:: God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in him might have eternal life ::.  
- John 3:16 - 

A term literally meaning "to withdraw."
It can be used to refer to secular or religious gatherings where participants are invited to explore some topic, theme or issue. Business retreats are often designed to plan for the future or evaluate past performance.

Within a religious context, retreats center on your relationship with God. 

A retreat tries to explore all the consequences of that relationship, including your decisions and your actions.

Types of Retreats:

  • Basic Retreat
  • Search Retreats
  • TEC Retreats
  • Marriage Retreats
  • Spiritual Retreat

What is a Spiritual Retreat?

  1. a temporary withdrawal from ordinary daily living to nourish ones inner spiritual longings;
  2. an active step toward embracing stillness of ones soul;
  3. a conscious move to open oneself to the inner workings of the mind and spirit;
  4. a time out to deepen ones journey towards realizing self;
  5. time out to contemplate and meditate in peaceful surroundings;
  6. a choice to be solitary and still or in company of like minded souls to grow spiritually.

Kinds of Spiritual Retreats

  • Beginner Meditative Retreats
  • Spirituality Retreats
  • Religious Faith Retreat
  • Contemplative Retreats
  • Spiritual Dance Retreats
  • Guided Retreats
  • Art and Self-discovery Retreats
  • Drop-in retreats
  • Online Retreats
  • Silence Retreat Spiritual